Monday, 14 August 2017

Criminal Minds Episode 1: Kim Hyun Jun Profiled



When Park In Hye was kidnapped, her phone was thrown away by the unsub (unknown subject).

Her mobile phone had been retrieved by the police.

Kim Hyun Jun went to the place where her last mobile phone signal had been detected. Being a capable police homicide detective, he wanted to investigate Park In Hye case without the unnecessary interference particularly from the NCI, against whom he harboured a grudge. He still blamed them for the deaths of the EOD members.

He made a mental note that there were no CCTVs nearby.

His instincts told him that the abduction took place around the area.

Perhaps Kim Hyun Jun was blessed with extraordinary intuitive abilities or psychic perception.

In his mind’s eye, he could see Park Ing Hye when she boarded the unsub’s car.

He looked around for further clues. He seemed to be guided by his intuition.

Referring to the reports, he knew he had to check out the last place that she used her credit card, Café Soo.

He scouted around the café to get a feel of her presence and to retrace her steps.

Park In Hye must have contacted the unsub with her tablet.

It was raining the day she disappeared. If the driving rain did not let up, most passers-by would not be aware of her presence.

He imagined following her as she rushed to meet the unsub.

He looked around watching for clues that might draw his attention to what she might have done on that fateful day.

He did a-360-degree turn both ways, making observations and gathering first-hand information on her last few moments before she was kidnapped.

He hoped that his observant eyes would not miss anything vital in his search for the missing girl.

Nothing escaped his notice. The CCTV outside a shop should have recordings of the activities that had happened on the sidewalk that very day.

He requested to examine the video evidence in the recorded footage of the surveillance camera. In the playback, he saw her walking past the shop lot. Was he doing some forensic video analysis?

He retraced her steps and restudied the CCTV records of the scene of the incident.

When he arrived at the crossroads, he studied the fixed focal length of the CCTV.

Stopping at a red bin, he studied it. His awareness was jolted. That place was a blind spot.



Whilst in the midst of analysing the event, Ha Sun Woo suddenly loomed large in Kim Hyun Jun’s presence. She too was there to gather some information concerning Pak In Hye.

The two officers from opposing teams looked at each other in distrust.

When he saw his report on the Park In Hye case in her hands, he was amused. His eyes narrowed as he observed her.

Kim Hyun Jun was not new to strong women but Ha Sun Woo looked like a serious woman driven by purpose and determination. She was familiar with her stuff and was very aware, observant and thorough, traits needed in profiling work. But, he was not lacking in those areas. In fact, he had large doses of those traits.

He admired her persistence and tenacity. He looked quizzically at her side profile. His gaze lingered on her face. Could she sense that he was committing her beautiful features to memory?

Was it due to his inflated ego or sense of humour when he asked in his flippant tongue-in-cheek manner,’ Were you following me?’

She did not think it was of any import to respond or retort to such trite and annoying remarks. It would lower her self-respect and he would think that she was flirting with him.

She kept reading the report. Surprisingly, when she was almost done, she did not look up but queried, ‘This is your case report, right?’ His eyebrows must have lifted.

He was curious. ‘Why do you have my case report?’ She ignored him and looked around the area.

They were standing at the traffic lights. She looked around and guessed that the missing girl must have turned off her handphone around that spot.

They shared their opinions on the case. The spot was where Park in Hye must have been overpowered by the unsub.

He speculated that the victim must have boarded the unsub’s car in that area. Since it was at the roadside, she would not have felt uneasy about it.

Although surveillance cameras are no strangers to most people, those who are not observant may not have noticed that certain places are blind spots. And, the place where they were standing was a blind spot.

The mastermind, was of course, intelligent enough to know all that.

Ha Sun Woo dominated the conversation by expounding her theories. She was not just a pretty face. But, was he threatened by her intelligence?

His observation of her, with his eyes moving all over her face, was an expression of quiet disbelief that brains and beauty could fit into the body of the lady profiler. But, what a woman!

He was exasperated when she continued telling him about her investigation of Pak In Hye’s handphone and not letting him butt into her one-person conversation.

He was maddened by the way she was so caught up with her opinions as if he did not exist. She gave him the impression that he was her sounding board albeit a mute one. She probably did not see it fit that he should be given a chance to voice his important insights into the case.

When, at last, she relented to hear his views, he made sure she knew his name.

She soon learnt that he had an over-sized ego. He launched into an arrogant boast that he knew whatever she had mentioned, meaning she should have something different to tell him.

He even had important advice to offer her. There was no denying that his tone was condescending when he suggested that she finds out why the unsub and the victim came back to the place.

Kim Hyun Jun already knew the reason and provided it himself. He had correctly deduced that Park In Hye had gone for a test drive. Having graduated as the top profiling trainee in the police academy, it must have been easy for him to arrive at the reason.

The detective must have thought that he had impressed Ha Sun Woo because the very next moment, she even offered him a ride in her car.

Ha Sun Woo had already made a quick observation, one that he was oblivious of.

He would soon be sorry for his repugnant retort “Why should I ride in your car?’

As she walked off, he was clearly smirking at her. Was she interested in him? His question was immediately answered.

The next thing he knew, he was running after his car which was being towed away for illegal parking.


Vulnerability. If he could, Kim Hyun Jun would have slunk off in shame but what else could he do but abashedly accept her offer of a ride. By then, his cocky smirk had fled and his swelling pride suddenly deserted him. He eased himself gingerly into her car. As he slid down into his seat in Ha Sun Woo’s car, he unconsciously slumped against his seat with one hand propped against the window.

Unlike the confident NCI profiler who was sitting ramrod straight in her driver’s seat, the homicide detective, feeling small, miserable and thoroughly embarrassed, sank lower in his passenger seat. There were no signs of the straight and macho posture or the confidence of a police officer.

The humiliation of Kim Hyun Joon was complete when the lady NCI Behavioural Analyst positioned herself as the omniscient profiler.

‘When did you start thinking Park In Hye’s case as more than a missing case?’

This time round, he did not want to talk as he might choke in humiliation.

Kim Hyun Joon felt even smaller and less confident as the kilometres went by. Complacent that she had his complete attention, the self-possessed profiler began pointing out his traits one by one based on her keen observation of him.

He sat there resenting the fact that she was putting him under her profiler’s microscope. Trapped in the confines of her car, he didn’t stand a chance against her as she started listing his peculiar habits.

His nightmare had begun. She was literally and figuratively in the driver’s seat and asked casually, “Were you in the Special Forces? She was toying with his emotions as she already knew the answer.

She just wanted him to know who was in charge. His eyes had chilled.

‘You look around whenever we turn a corner because it’s an old habit from special training.’

‘The unique tie knot of your shoes must be a symbol of your troop.’  Is there a special knot for the combat boots for each of the seven brigades of the Special Forces?

How did she know that the different units of the Special Forces Brigade have special symbols? Ha Sun Woo must have also known that Kim Hyun Jun, as an operator of the Special Forces had undergone training in high-skilled weapon handling and parachuting. He would also have achieved a black belt in Taekwondo and / or other martial arts.

Kim Hyun Jun was beginning to feel dejected and insecure. His feelings must have yo-yoed crazily but his controlled emotions but tense expression showed that he was displeased with her accurate profiling.

Having been provoked, he reacted brusquely and told her to stop her useless profiling. He didn’t believe an ounce of it.

A glint lit up her eyes as she continued to humour herself. She bulldozed her way with her analysis of his character.

‘Your way of talking and your mannerisms make you like a strong man on the surface.’

Her words conjured up an image of a strong man on the outside but he was actually very vulnerable. He cringed. Was it her speciality to erode his self-confidence?

By now, the normally serious NCI profiler was smiling. Kim Hyun Jun was already infuriated by her determined efforts to reveal all his secrets. But, when she went into a detailed analysis of his handwriting, he was quite incensed.

‘However, your neat handwriting, the consistent angles, and the detailed numbering of your report shows your meticulous character.’

How dare she trespass into his privacy! It was hard to defuse his rising anger as more of her comments fuelled it.

Her eyes shone brightly like two luminous pools. She seemed to be happily gloating in the fact that she understood all his psychological traits and insecurities.

Sparks of anger flared in his eyes. He pursed his lips in exasperation. It was a rare moment of vulnerability. His throat must have hurt as he swallowed hard. She was driving him crazy.

What the heck’s the matter with her? He stared ahead in wounded silence.

The triumphant Ha Sun Woo’s profiler brain was churning out even more juicy details.

She practically crowed when she blurted out, ‘There’s a high possibility that you’re trying to hide that personality.

Driven by his total silence which she assumed was a sign of submission, she became bolder and doled out even more surprising stuff about him. Had they been in a public area, he would have tried to zip her mouth shut. Or yanked her pony tail.

‘You act tough because you didn’t have male siblings or a father when you were young.’ She must have touched some raw nerve there. He swallowed. His facial muscles twitched.

Acting tough? Did she imply it was all a pretence? No man wants to be accused of pretending to be tough.

One could sense he was internally trembling with rage.

Kim Hyun Jun was read like a book by the lady profiler. Her persistence in exposing him showed that she had no mercy towards him. She failed to grasp the fact that she shouldn’t poke her nose into his business. Has she no respect for his privacy?

His response was forthright. ‘You don’t care about others’ feelings!’

He was provoked into action. Fire suddenly burned in his eyes. His subdued demeanour had changed.

Kim Hyun Jun failed to understand why she was determined to speak everything in her mind.

He ascribed it to arrogance on her part. Miss High-and Mighty! Her tone had needled him. Though he had been bowled over by the accuracy of her profiling, her conceited tone had goaded him beyond measure. Surprisingly, he did not give her the evil eye.

But, not to be outdone, he also could not ignore the natural profiler in him. If it was her intention to make him join in the sport of profiling in the very first place, he was game for it.

Being egoistical, Kim Hyun Joon could not allow a mere woman to walk all over him with her analysis of his personality. He now rose to the challenge of profiling her despite being opposed to profiling.

It soon proved not to be funny at all as Ha Sun Woo’s opponent had graduated at the top of his profiling class at the Police Academy.


The profiler was being profiled by the homicide detective. Kim Hyun Joon was surprised by her prying interest in him.

Much as he admired the accuracy of her analysis, he would not allow his ego to be bruised. She did not expect his retaliation.

Kim Hyun Joon’s sneering look would have shrivelled her had she glanced at him. His reason had shut down. 

Kim Hyun Joon was magnificent in his vengefulness. His tone was dripping acid when he practically sneered at her, ‘You are probably an only child’.

It was a good dressing down. The meaning was clear. He had pointed out that she had the tendency to touch things that did not belong to her, Furthermore, her tone of voice indicated that she was a pampered brat and used to having her own way. But, it was just a guess. He might have hit bullseye but where was the actual evidence?

‘Your car has no accessories at all, not even an air freshener. It makes you seem like a neat person on the outside but a complicated person on the inside.’ It might probably be true but did his profiling sound convincing?

Was Mr Smarty-pants saying that he had sniffed her out? Was she all pretence? Neat on the outside, a real mess on the inside? Really?  Was he saying she was all messed up inside her head? He could practically hear her internal gasp.

One could now detect the dancing lights in his eyes; he was secretly enjoying her discomfiture. One could imagine a victorious beast preening and prancing in his head. Ha Sun Woo should have stopped her car by the roadside and given him a tight slap and some tongue-lashing!

A dangerous glint had appeared in her eyes. She wasn’t amused. Did she want to throttle him?

Then, turning to rake her face, he goaded her with the question, ‘Do you have any family problems?’ She must have recoiled from his sardonic query as her expression had changed instantly. Her cheerful feelings had ebbed away. But he couldn’t have seen her trying hard to banish her tears.

Kim Hyun Jun had discovered her weakness, her Achille’s Heel. If she had turned, she would probably had given him a smack right across his pouty lips.

Did he realise that he was arrogant? How could he shame the NCI lady even though she had been in the wrong? He was certain that when he took a swipe at her family problems, he had hit bullseye. The smile from her face was completely wiped out.

He did not realise that he had crossed the line because he was unaware of the choking sensation that had probably gripped her. She was hurt at the mention of her family. Far too many secrets.

Was Kim Hyun Jun a profiling genius or, was it just an educated guess?

But one thing was certain, he swept away any chance of her hiding her problems under his scrutiny. He wouldn’t know of the problems in her family life, would he?

By the nonchalant look of his face, he was oblivious of the fact that he had hurt the poor lady! What an insensitive brute!

Fortunately for them, she received a call requesting her to return to the office as there was an order from the powers that be that the serial killer investigation had been transferred from the Police HQ to the NCI (National Criminal Investigation). Probably, they trusted the judgement of the profilers.

A minute more of his talk, the cool profiler would have lost her cool and he would have gotten an earful of her venom.



In his scenes with Moon Chae Won, Lee Joon Gi, as Kim Hyun Jun, showcases both emotions, arrogance and vulnerability with wit and humour. In fact, their interaction is hilarious.

You might recall the scene in the car which draws the most attention in this episode. The KNP (Korean National Police) homicide detective and the NCI (National Criminal Investigation) profiler have been profiling each other. It was evident to the viewers that it was ‘A Battle of Great Profiling Minds’. Think of them expertly unlocking each other’s well-guarded secrets. Therein lies their vulnerability.

Kim Hyun Jun’s vulnerability wobbled as his hidden insecurities were dragged out into the open. His confidence faltered. His uneasy countenance showed that his insides must have gone mushy with emotion. Why couldn’t Ha Sun Woo hold her tongue? She was too rude and direct. She thought she had him all figured out. One sympathises with him.

But, she had underestimated him. And, for her erosion of manners, she’d got as good as she had given. Her character gave ‘smoke and mirror’ vibes, but he could see through her and let it be known. He was as arrogant as her. One gets irritated with Kim Hyun Jun and wishes that he was kinder to her.

Ha Sun Woo held her fury in restraint but one day she might lose control and take him to task for his imprudence that day. When the day comes, who would the audience side with?

The two actors do not disappoint: they have proven that they could make their dialogue exciting with their brilliant performance. Tom and Jerry? No, no. They have been behaving like The Cat and The Dog. It is not surprising to see the dog with the sharp wit and tongue having his last word. Imagine him after winning the profiling match: He was wagging his tail excitedly after humbling the resentful cat whose tail had drooped between her legs.