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Lee Joon Gi As A Bad Boy Lawyer In New Drama




One would have noticed the amount of excitement and enthusiasm of Lee Joon Gi’s fans when it was revealed that he was being courted for the lead role in tvN's new drama, 'Lawless Lawyer'. Nothing yet has been confirmed but excited fans find that the write-up about the drama to be titillating and breath-taking and they are eager to have him play opposite a talented actress.  It seems that Seo Ye-Ji, a very talented and beautiful actress, has also received a casting offer for the same drama.

If Lee Joon Gi accepts the offer, he will play Bong Sang Pil, a lawyer who used to be a gangster.  Bong Sang Pil had probably been born in the seedier quarters of the city and knows the ins and outs of gang culture.

Apparently, the drama would be action-packed, with him either having fistfights with mobsters, criminals, and the like, or grappling with other lawyers. Throwing punches. Taking down dishonest judges or lawyers and thugs. Is he going to be unflaggingly upright? But, since, he is ‘lawless’, he is going to take justice into his own hands. A law unto himself.

Bong Sang Pil seems to be quite unusual – a non-conformist as he does not abide by the law and uses his fists to settle matters. He has been on both sides of the law so he pretty sure knows just about everything about the law. A wunderkind and a master of the tongue of legalese. Since he understands both the criminal culture - the culture of violence, and the law, he should be able to navigate through legal loopholes very easily to achieve results. Bong Sang Pil is going to challenge the law and the legal system, a system marred by probably, corruption and inefficiency. Is the drama pointing to a new way of seeing things?

It seems Bong Sang Pil is deeply flawed. There is another part of his dark past that emerges. Mystery and secrets. It seems this broken or wounded soul is bent on revenge for something that had happened to his beloved mother. He had probably been stewing over his mother’s case and whatever happened to his mother fuels him in his quest to seek justice for her.

And, how does Bong Sang Pil  resolve the difficult matter of achieving justice for his mother and other unfortunate souls? Would he tamper with justice or lock horns with the judge, slick public prosecutors or corrupt lawyers? Would he frequently hound them and give them a tongue lashing or would he pummel them in dog fights until they howl in pain? Woof! Woof! Welcome to the world of real justice! Whatever it is, he would be undermining the Judicial System. 

Would one expect Bong Sang Pil, the keen and astute legal eagle to be dressed in suits and look dignified and suave? Perhaps, sometimes.

Gangster? Would it be a bit of a stretch to brand him as a gangster? No social graces? Rough and tough? The fearsome word ‘gangster’ brings tattoos to mind. Big tattoos are often associated with gangsters. Huge tattoos on the back, chest, neck, arms and legs. Such tattoos strike fear in the minds of ordinary people. Tattoos may seem creepy but on Lee Joon Gi, the body art would look devastatingly sexy!  Sexy and sensual.

Would fans be shocked if he wears his hair long or in a pony tail? A Rebel Lawyer. (Apologies to all lawyers who sport long hair)



Do gangsters wear massive gold chains and also huge rings on their fingers?

Would the Bad Boy lawyer appear in his shorts with his tattoos in full display?

A smoker? Imagine Bong Sang Pil smoking like a chimney!

Would the lawless lawyer drive a boneshaker that is falling apart or a pricey sports car?

Since he’s a lawyer, he should speak some English in the drama. There would be a great roar of approval from his delirious fans.


If you’ve ever doubted the capabilities of lawless lawyers, take comfort in the fact that Bong Sang Pil is a lawyer who has chalked up an enviable number of successes in his legal career, so he is a sort of hotshot lawyer. Something to brag about. Can we call him a ‘Hotshot Lawyer’ or ‘Maverick Lawyer What about ‘Hipster Lawyer’, ‘Grassroots Lawyer’, ‘Rebel Lawyer’ or ‘Bad Boy Lawyer? Misnomers? ‘Bad Boy Lawyer. But, don’t we love the idea of ‘Bad Boys’? Girls love bad boys. 

Probably, the guy is a cocky, unconventional lawyer who has a glib, biting and witty tongue. Would one be able to envision him being firmly ensconced in a swanky office? A run down office, perhaps. Just think. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if his name and sobriquet are embossed on his business card or on a lopsided name plate on his office door?


Recently, many of Lee Joon Gi’s fans had been having animated discussions about his new martial arts skills as well as the fashionable and sexy clothing that he wore for his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training sessions.

They were excited that Lee had upgraded his Brazilian Jui Jitsu belt. Many of them are not savvy in martial arts and lack knowledge about martial arts grading but they believe that Lee has mastered the art and he would be showcasing some of his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills in his new drama.

But, what caught their attention were the various pieces of training clothing that he wore.

The most stunning piece was the stylish pants with a polka-dotted patch at the crotch area. At first, everyone who saw it was stunned. They kept mum initially as they feared to be perceived as ill-mannered and unbecoming if they commented. Some couldn’t help themselves. As the story goes, they had erroneously thought that the handsome actor had split his pants after his strenuous training session and his polka-dotted underwear was peeping out. A pair of ‘Pants with A View’. A view from the outside.

Fans just cannot wait to see Lee Joon Gi’s high-octane and dramatic performance again. Imagine him in the shoes of a Bad Boy Lawyer. A strong and masculine fighter who is intelligent, smart, articulate and eloquent, but has a tender and vulnerable side. No one can deny that Lee Joon Gi has the gravity to play the troubled soul, Bong Sang Pil and make his audience feel his gut-wrenching pain.

Fans hope that the drama would be aggressively peppered not only with action and suspense but also humour and romance.  It would be perfect if Bong Sang Pil has a twinkle in his eye and a devilish grin. Bong Sang Pil is going to be everybody’s favourite lawyer and the most unforgettable drama character for 2018. A lawyer we love to love.

Lee Joon Gi, the great dramatic and action actor, who is entrenched on the the A-list, would surely make his viewers swoon again in his new drama masterpiece! He would surely attract a new wave of obsessed adrenaline-craving male fans and female LJG-addicts. He’ll have women and girls going all crazy for him again!

Director:  Kim Jin Min                    
Writer:  Yoon Hyun Ho  
Network:  TVN   
Broadcast Date: 12 May 2018
Runtime: 21:00 (Sat. & Sun.)