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Criminal Minds Episode 14: Kim Hyun Joon - Not Guilty As Charged




Kim Hyun Joon must have breathed a sigh of relief that his name had been cleared. Later, evidence that  proved The Reaper had killed Kang Ho Young was uncovered. He felt vindicated at last.

After his ordeal, the profiler visited his 34-year-old brother in the hospital. Sadness hung in the air; the hospital room had a gloomy and depressing atmosphere. Kim Tae Joon was, in medical terms, in a persistent vegetative state. In a word, coma. It was as if his brother’s life was a living death.

Were the wonderful memories of his once-vibrant brother and mother still fresh in his mind?

It seemed so unreal that his brother’s life had almost been snuffed by the vile act of Sergeant Oh. His mother has had a rough time taking care of his brother during those 14 years.

When Kim Hyun Joon sat by his mother’s side, she woke up. Although it was wonderful to see her other son - grown-up, strong and healthy, she could forget the pain of having a bed-ridden son. His mother had refused to employ a nurse to look after her paralysed son.

Kim Hyun Joon could not help but notice his mother’s tortured soul. What she said was soul-stirring. She lamented that Kim Tae Joon had been sleeping on the hard mattress 365 days a year, so how could she, a parent, even dream of sleeping on a warm bed? Perhaps, her consolation was  the luxury of seeing her healthy younger son.

Kim Hyun Joon advised his mother to take a rest. One could sense that he was miserable and downcast that his mother had no life of her own, having sacrificed her life to caring for his brother just because of a greedy, self-serving law officer. Two persons living meaningless lives. He was aggrieved for his family.

Kim Hyun Joon went to the window and looked absently through the shutters. His eyes mirrored pain - his sense of loss and despair. He must have felt utterly lonely even in the midst of his family. His eyes were like two dark pools. Everything outside the window was beautiful but his brother might probably not see such beauty again.

Later, he visited a particular forest site, considered to be Mo Ji Eun’s grave site. He took off his black beaded bracelet that she had given him 14 years before and placed it there. It was time to start anew. It was emotional closure for him.

It is interesting to note that the next place he visited was the place where he and Ha Sun Woo shared great memories. They must have agreed to meet each other there. It was the place in Cheongju where they could watch the splendid view of the Nadeul River. Emotional scars still   raked at him.

When he reached the place, he gave her a sidelong glance. She knew of his presence but she seemed detached. He was curious about her cold and distant demeanour that seldom melted. She did not allow others to see beyond the cool veneer that she showed to the world. She must be burdened with some secret pain that no one could figure out. She seemed to hold him at a distant. Did he feel her pain?

They have a shared history in Cheongju. Her grandmother lived there and his family home was there. They both knew Mo Ji Eun. They both loved the place.

Then, she said, “It took so long for me to come back here. She must have cringed remembering seeing Mo Ji Eun’s corpse.  It must have been painful to return to the place of one’s sorrow.

‘You couldn’t forget the same person for 14 years,’ he agreed. It hurt them deeply to remember their friend, Mo Ji Eun.

For Kim Hyun Joon, her death must have been agonising for him. It was difficult to cope with the death of a close friend when he was younger. They had been separated due to a twist of fate and he had not been able do anything for her until recently.

He had that faraway look in his eyes; he must have wondered whether his life had been a dream.

They continued to gaze at the beautiful scenery. 

‘I finally see the view here. I didn’t realise how beautiful the place was,’ he sighed.

When one is happy, everything looks beautiful and when one is sad, nothing seems wonderful.

Although he was not tormented anymore, it would be some time before he would feel ready to love again.


That night, the NCI members were in a restaurant to celebrate their success in solving the Nadeul River murder case. They enjoyed a scrumptious feast fully paid for by their Team Leader.

Yoo Min Young congratulated the team members for having done a fine job.

Kim Hyun Joon also praised Team Leader Kang and thanked his teammates for ending his nightmare of being arrested as a suspect and helping to solve the puzzle that had haunted him for 14 years.

Team Leader Kang, in turn, also complimented him on a job well done.  

He was quick-witted and had put tireless efforts into solving the case. 

The senior profiler shared that the most difficult task of a profiler is profiling his own colleague. Profiling another team member naturally implies that one harbours doubts about that colleague. 

He looked Kim Hyun Joon in the eye and told him in no uncertain terms that he had never doubted him for even a moment.  Kim Hyun Joon’s demeanour showed gratitude for the trust in him. ‘Welcome back, Hyun Joon!’

With praises being heaped on those present, it seemed as if badges of honour were being distributed all around.

Everyone was in a joyous mood that they could work as a team once again. Encouraged by the cheerful Nana Wang, they toasted to the future of NCI.


The Chief Director, Baek San, was relieved that the NCI team had brought the murder case to a successful conclusion. Baek San knew Team Leader Kang wanted to solve The Reaper case as he had requested for more time to work things out. The Reaper was intent on destroying the NCI team.

The genius resident hacker, Nana Wang, had something that could conclusively prove the innocence of Kim Hyun Joon. She had recovered part of the video from a black box which featured the Nadeul River site. 

The sight of the mysterious figure who was dragging his victim along the banks of the river gave the NCI team a jolt. It was an eye opener and Lee Han requested that the video be transmitted to the NCI meeting room.

They finally had proof that Kim Hyun Joon did not kill Kang Ho Young. He was finally vindicated. The man who killed Kang Ho Young was neither Kim Jung Soo nor Sergeant Oh. The bombshell - the murderer was The Reaper!

It was a wake-up call for them. The serial killer, Kim Hyun Joon opined, was determined to undermine the unity and the strength of the NCI team.

‘What he wants to do is to bring the whole team down.’ Team Leader Kang concurred. The Reaper wanted the team members to doubt each other and to turn against each other.

Baek San, the NCI Chief Director gave them the green light to catch The Reaper.

Team Leader Kang quotes, ‘I’m sure no god, no evil, nor hell exists, so don’t be afraid.’ 

                                                                                                                                   - Friedrich Nietzsche -

Friedrich Nietzsche

‘I’m sure no god, no evil, nor hell exists, so don’t be afraid.’ 

                                      - Friedrich Nietzsche -

Does such a quote exist? Only those who are philosophers, academic thinkers and the curious would know. Is the Criminal Minds writer trying to make the viewers think again? Naughty.

If there is no such quote, one has to presume that the ideas in the tongue-in-cheek quote are embodied in Nietzsche’s philosophy.

Although Friedrich Nietzsche was an atheist, he had the courage to face the implications of a 'World Without God'. In his work, ‘The Madman’, Nietzsche predicted there would come a time when people would live as if they do not subscribe to the ‘Belief in God’. 

Nietzsche saw the meaningless of life in such a world. In the absence of God, life is darkness.

Imagine: If God does not exist, then, there is no judgement - no heaven nor hell.

There would be no higher power nor authority to rule the people. There would be no moral values, spiritual standards nor laws to guide them or to check their evil acts.

Everyone does what they think is 'right'. The evil do not think their evil acts are evil. So, who’s to decide what’s right and what’s wrong? 

The more powerful or stronger person would lord it over the weak, and evil doers would escape punishment. 

There is no hell waiting for them, so, what is there to be fearful of?

In the end, humans are reduced to the level of animals.

Even in Friedrich Nietzsche’s view, without God, life is tragic and meaningless.

People like Kim Jung Soo and his father, Sergeant Oh, and The Reaper commit evil acts as they are not governed by a moral compass. Those who commit evil acts probably do not believe in God. They probably find life meaningless.



Episode 14 is another amazing episode of the Kim Hyun Joon’s two-episode backstory.  The two episodes are the real gems of the whole drama. So far, this story is probably the most complicated murder case and the most difficult to solve. The amazing performance of the main actors, the many diverse and interesting minor characters and the brilliant writing make Episode 14 the most exciting and memorable in the drama.

Two segments of Episode 14 should be highlighted. Kim Hyun Joon’s and Kang Gi Hyeon’s head-on clash in the interrogation is dramatic and gripping.

They are good sparring partners. One couldn’t believe that Team Leader would have come down so hard on his teammate, Kim Hyun Joon in his darkest moments.

Lee Joon Gi’s magnificent portrayal as someone who seems to have been betrayed in the interrogation makes the drama enthralling. He is a portrait of devastating restraint at the beginning but that comes to an explosive end when his vulnerabilities are exposed.

The consensus among viewers is that segment is a magnificent portrayal of’ The Accused’ by Lee Joon Gi and ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ by Son Hyun Joo.

The other segment, a tear jerker, is Kim Hyun Joon’s stirring emotional showdown with the rogue policeman, Sergeant Oh Jeong Taek. Kim Hyun Joon, with tears stinging his eyes, pours out his buried hurt in the poignant and impassioned exchange with the lawbreaker. The heart-wrenching scene wins the audience’s full empathy for the broken and shattered profiler who had been mired in misfortune after misfortune.

There is more to Lee Joon Gi than his good looks and his signature swagger in Criminal Minds. The lead actor, Lee Joon Gi, has done justice to his talent with his enthralling performance. In this episode, Lee has fleshed out Kim Hyun Joon’s character to an amazing extent. Viewers get to see the whole spectrum of complex human emotions in Kim Hyun Joon.

Kim Hyun Joon’s emotions are coloured a million shades. Like a prism.  When Kim Hyun Joon is in a fury, you see red. When he shows his dark side, one seems to see black. When sad, he seems to shimmer with blue. Sometimes, his emotions may not be clear.  His emotions may morph from one to the other in a matter of moments so what one sees may be mixed or conflicting emotions.

One can see, sense and feel Kim Hyun Joon’s emotional changes – happiness, anger, anxiety, panic, stress, embarrassment, disappointment, fear, eagerness affection, irritation, grief, compassion, frustration, guilt, pride, admiration, curiosity and so on in this episode alone.

But, what is clear is his performance has spawned excited reactions from his fans and the audience. A surge of excitement must have washed over them. Lee Joon Gi is an actor whom men and women would root for. One can feel the gauntlet of eyes, male and female following his every emotion and his every move and loving him all the way.

If Episode 14 does not get your pulse racing, then perhaps you might want to slink into your doctor’s office to have a whole-body check-up!

Those who are clueless about profiling – have no fear. One should be able to enjoy the drama once one has watched Lee Joon Gi’s amazing performance, studied his expressive eyes and ‘tasted’ his other charms – his smiles, his smirks, his swagger!

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