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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Criminal Minds Episode 13: Kim Hyun Joon - Profiler, Profiled



The NCI profilers, Team Leader Kang, Lee Han and Yoo Min Young were assembled to discuss Kim Hyun Joon’s situation and to unravel the secrets.

Yoo Min Young repeated Ha Sun Woo’s fears that Kim Hyun Joon might have fallen into a trap. 

Perhaps, the perpetrator knew about Detective Tae’s deep suspicion of Kim Hyun Joon.

Team Leader Kang wondered if Kang Ho Young had wanted to disclose some secrets of the past. Someone must have been observing Kang Ho Young and had planned something  when he knew about his impending meeting with Kim Hyun Joon.

Yoo Min Young was suspicious of the perfect timing of everything. It seemed too much of a coincidence that the body of Kang Ho Young was discovered on the banks of the Nadeul River at the time of Kim Hyun Joon’s visit to Cheongju . 

Someone seemed to know that Kim Hyun Joon would attend the Honour Roll Scholarship Ceremony in Cheongju.

Lee Han wondered aloud about why Kang Ho Young chose Kim Hyun Joon over the local police in Cheongju to disclose his secrets? 

Did his actions imply that he distrusted the local police? There may be a rat in the local police force.

The computer hacker, Nana Wang, was obviously worried about Kim Hyun Joon. 

She had already done a background check on Kang Ho Young’s friends. None of them seemed to have acted out of character on the day of Kang’s murder.

They could not proceed since their information was inconclusive, Team Leader Kang wanted to talk to Kim Hyun Joon who was in the interview room.

He requested Lee Han and Yoo Min Young to investigate the place where the body was found. There must be a reason why the body was abandoned there.


Team Leader Kang reported the bad news to Kim Hyun Joon that things weren’t looking good. The younger profiler seemed sad and his eyes conveyed a deep sense of melancholy.

‘Did anyone know that you were meeting Kang Ho Young?’ It was a pertinent question.

Team Leader Kang wanted to pull the curtain back on the murder case.

‘Why did Kang Ho Young request that you meet him in that site? Do you have any idea what he wanted to show you?’ Kim Hyun Joon’s responses were negative.

‘Is there anything I should know about the Nadeul River case that’s not in the case file? Let me rephrase - what else do you know about this case?’ 

Reframed or rephrased, the discussion was still obnoxious to the sensitive younger profiler.

Something flashed in Kim Hyun Joon’s eyes as he stared at the older profiler. His thoughts were churning round and round. Even if he had wanted to put on an air of aloofness, he could not.

He snapped, “Are you profiling me now?’ He seemed slightly outraged. Pain and hurt pooled in his eyes when it dawned on him that he was being profiled by his team leader.

Up close, the older profiler was able to sense the animosity of the younger profiler. Kim Hyun Joon couldn’t reconcile himself with the fact the NCI Team Leader was suspicious of him.

Team Leader Kang tried to assuage his feelings, ‘You have to help me to help you. We trust you and everyone in the team will try to do our best to help you. If you remember anything, however miniscule, don’t hesitate to tell me first. If there is anything I need to know, just tell me!’

There was no deceit but sadness on Kim Hyun Joon’s face. 

He assumed the NCI team would attest to his innocence.


Ha Sun Woo recalled Kim Hyun Joon’s words. The Reaper was not just after Team Leader Kang but also the whole team.

Team Leader Kang wanted Nana Wang to give him a detailed report on the Cheongju Youth Institute, and also on Kim Hyun Joon - from his past to the present, his acquaintances and what he did in the past. 

‘Look into everything he did.’ 

He believed that the younger team member was hiding something. There is more to the story than meets the eye.

Ha Sun Woo was convinced if Kim Hyun Joon had fallen into another person’s trap, the person should know a lot about him.

Team Leader Kang pointed out that their first priority was to clear Kim Hyun Joon of the murder charges. They had to think of all possibilities to solve the case.

‘Someone had publicized the Nadeul River case and it’s possible that an outsider did it to uncover the truth from the past. But what is important is to find out what Kim Hyun Joon knows about the Nadeul River case. Only then will we know who is the one behind all this and why he wants to frame Kim Hyun Joon for the murder.’


Lee Han and Yoo Min Young had gone to the Nadeul River site to find out more clues about Kang Ho Young's murder.

The body was so severely decomposed to the point of being barely recognizable. 

‘Do you think that the body was abandoned immediately after the murder?’

Lee Han’s genius brain was working overtime. Having  dredged out information from his knowledge bank, he was convinced that the body was abandoned after the 26th.

‘The murderer had kept the body for more than 2 weeks. He wanted to avoid the discharge period. 

On set dates during the summer, the Cheongju Dam discharges water to control the water level. The dam authorities announce their discharge dates in advance. 

Recently, they’ve been discharging water once every fifteen days. The murderer had dumped the body in a ditch so that it wouldn’t be washed away after the discharge.’

‘At first, it seemed as if he had abandoned the body in an inconspicuous place, but in reality, he had planned everything so that the body would be found within a certain period. He probably knew when the dam manager checked the water levels after the discharge,’ Lee Han explained. 

‘Every year at that time, a flock of migratory birds would congregate at the Nadeul River, creating a picturesque scene. It is the perfect place for visitors.’

‘What does that have to do with the case?’ Yoo Min Young queried.

‘This is where the festival happens. And one can take pictures too. I’m sure someone has taken pictures here.’ 

Lee Han probably implied that something interesting or vital to the case might turn up in someone’s video camera.

Lee Han had connected the dots.


Having snooped into the history of the Cheongju Youth Institute, Nana Wang reported that there seemed to be no management problems. In fact, the institute had received many plaques of appreciation from the government.

Nana Wang had gathered a list of employees who worked there 14 years ago but alas, a fire that happened in 2004  destroyed all the crucial information.

What caused the fire and who were involved?

Ha Sun Woo had gone to the centre and taken snapshots of a photograph of students, one of whom was Mo Jin Eun.


Team Leader Kang had gone to the Cheongju Youth Centre, Kang Ho Young and Kim Hyun Joon's meeting place. He imagined the murder scenario. 

He could see Kim Hyun Joon in his mind's eye.

The site was a familiar place to the two of them, being former students of the institute. If the place had not been used for some time, then they would have considered it to be safe.

That place was perfect for Kang Ho Young to hide his evidence – the thing that he had probably wanted to reveal to Kim Hyun Joon.

Kang Ho Young’s murderer had used the shortest path to move his body away from the centre.

Meanwhile, Sergeant Oh Jeong Taek had also paid a visit to the institute. He seemed to have spotted Mr Kim, the Head of the Cheongju Youth Institute, talking to a mysterious person. 

Something fishy was going on. The Head seemed to be admonishing someone, whom he wanted to bar from appearing at that place or contacting him. 

He questioned the mysterious person in the shadows, ‘Did you really kill Kang Ho Young?’

Later, it was revealed that the mysterious person was his son, Kim Jung Soo.

Ha Sun Woo, while investigating the case in the premises of the institute, spotted Sergeant Oh talking to the Head of the Cheongju Youth Institute.

It was inevitable that the investigation conducted by Team Leader Kang and Ha Sun Woo would lead them to the Head of the Cheongju Youth Institute. 

The profilers wanted to discuss the Nadeul River murder as well as Kang Ho Young's murder with the Head of the institute - to kill two birds with one stone, as they say.

Although they were working in their professional capacity as NCI professionals, the Head was neither compliant nor deferential. The reputation of the NCI should have been enough to petrify many people but the honcho of the Cheongju Youth Institute seemed unperturbed. Instead he was enormously agitated with the profilers for kicking up  a fuss over the past. 

He was also furious with Sergeant Oh for being there. Sergeant Oh seemed very guilty.

‘Were there any problems in the past?’ asked Ha Sun Woo.

The man went on the defensive and seemed to cloak himself in secrecy. He snorted that the Nadeul River murder case had been closed. He was upset with the fuss they made over a murder incident that happened 14 years ago. He insisted vehemently that nobody in the centre was involved in the murder.

He was also indignant about the questions on Kang Ho Young. He denied that the man was murdered in the centre.

And he brusquely dismissed their questions and walked off.

The NCI top profiler was convinced that the Head of the Cheongju Youth Institute was hiding something. Was he also involved in the case? 

Team Leader Kang's sixth sense told him that the man had probably jeopardised the trust of the parents. Something must have happened in the centre before Mo Jin Eun died. 

The whole place was honeycombed with secrets.


According to Nana Wang, a fire occurred in the centre in February 2004, six months after the Nadeul River murder. The fire was suspected to be arson.

Choi Sang Woo, who was currently 32 years old, was 18 years old when it happened. He had returned to the centre around the time of the fire. 

His sister, Choi Hee Jin had coincidentally committed suicide at that time, and because of that, he was the prime suspect of being the arsonist. When he was arrested, he threatened to kill everyone at the centre.

Team Leader Kang doubted his guilt. His profile was far from that of the killer of Kang Ho Young.

Arsonists have an impulse control disorder and they have pleasure in causing fires. There’s a high chance for a serial arsonist to turn into a seral killer.

Serial arsonists do not have long incubation periods. If  he had continued to live in the same area, he would have caused more fires. In this case, the arson is more likely to be caused by rage and hatred rather than pleasure. It was implied that there were at least two causes for arson: pleasure, or rage and hatred.

Choi Sang Woo had been involved in several minor battery cases and had also been in and out of juvenile correction centres for security issues. He must have known about the centre’s CCTV system.

If he had held a grudge against the centre and caused the fire, it might mean that he could be related to the Nadeul River murder case.

If he was the one who tried to publicize the unresolved Nadeul River murder case, he must already have a motive for murder.

Ha Sun Woo asked for a photo of Choi Sang Woo’s sister to be shown to them. Choi Hee Jin had committed suicide due to some unknown reason. She had gone to the same centre as Mo Jin Eun.

Ha Sun Woo remembered the girl. Years ago, she had overheard Choi Hee Jin and Mo Jin Eun discussing some boy-girl relationship. The word 'outrageous' was mentioned. Why was it 'outrageous'? Probably, they were found in a compromising position.

The question was: ‘Were the students sexually molested at the centre? Perhaps that was the reason why she committed suicide. What if Mo Ji Eun knew something about it and she was murdered to seal her lips?’

Someone reported that all the girls in the centre were questioned but nothing suspicious was discovered. 

Go Young Min was a suspect because of his notorious history of sexual offenses.

Considering the closed community of youth centres, would people know what happened behind the locked doors? 

They could not rule out the possibility that the investigation into the incident was hushed.

Lee Han asked whether Choi Hee Jin committed suicide because she was a victim of sexual abuse. If so, there could be more victims. Perhaps, Mo Ji Eun was another victim. 

Team Manager Kang wanted more information on the list of suspects.

That evening, Ha Sun Woo went back to the youth centre. Her memories had brought her back to the place. 

Was Choi Hee Jin sexually molested at the centre?


Meanwhile, Team Leader Kang and Yoo Min Young were trying collect some information from Choi Sang Woo. He was formerly a model student and had won many awards for creativity and Mathematics in competitions when young.

Choi Sang Woo did not like their company and refused to utter a word. He was probably under duress as a barrage of questions was fired at him.

‘Did you set the centre on fire?’ ‘Why did your sister commit suicide?’ ‘Is your sister’s suicide connected to the youth centre?’ ‘Did your sister go through a bad experience at the centre?’

Choi Sang Woo, appalled by the series of questions being slammed into his face, blurted out. ‘You have no idea!’

‘What are you trying to hide?’ asked the NCI team leader.

Choi Sang Woo screamed at them to leave. He had a pair of pliers in his hand.

Shooting him a look, Team Leader Kang stubbornly asked, ‘Do you think many people died due to that incident?’

But, they were forced to leave because Choi Sang Woo’s emotions became increasingly unstable. 

He did not look at  them in the eye.

According to Team Leader Kang, Choi Sang Woo's personality had undergone a series of changes from depression to rage. There were piles of medicine on his table. Self-injury was evident as his wrists seemed to have scars. Unopened packages prove his compulsive consumption pattern. 

He probably had BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder). Those who suffer from BPD have a weak attitude and are impulsive. The causes are: losing someone one loves, childhood abuse, sexual trauma and a fear of being abandoned.

Team Leader Kang was convinced that Choi Sang Woo did not fit into the profile of an arsonist, so he did not commit arson due to his sister’s death.

Nana Wang gave them a startling piece of news about Choi Hee Jin’s suicide. She probably killed herself because of violence at school.


Ha Sun Woo recalled an incident involving Choi Hee Jin. 

When she was with Mo Ji Eun one night, she saw Choi Hee Jin being driven away in a car by a man. 

When Mo Ji Eun noticed the unusual incident, she seemed uneasy and wanted to leave for the festival right away.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joon also recalled the past. It was not him but his friend, Dae Soo, who was arrested for Mo Ji Eun’s murder.

All his tangled life had been plagued with adversities. 

His shoulders must have sagged, worried about whether he could triumph over his latest misfortune.



The writer and the actors have done an excellent job of keeping the audience entertained. This episode has helped the audience to develop a better understanding of criminal profiling and investigative procedures. 

The Nadeul River crime had been clearly dissected for the audience.

Episode 13 shows the audience how inductive reasoning works, and together with Episode 14, it shows a more accurate portrayal of criminal profiling, complete with deductive analysis.

Although the Criminal Minds actors and actresses have done a wonderful job, it is the lead actor, Lee Joon Gi, the South Korean superstar who sets hearts pounding with his brilliant performance and amazing looks.

A flutter of panic must have attacked the minds of the male and female audience when the handsome and intelligent profiler was arrested and handcuffed. 

Lee Joon Gi’s look of deep devastation and melancholy makes women of all ages - young girls, young ladies and old girls quiver in sympathy. 

It is not a lie when one claims that Lee Joon Gi looks absolutely gorgeous even in handcuffs but then, Lee Joon Gi is from a different planet altogether.


The plot in this episode succinctly captures the rarely discussed or sensitive issue of the sexual abuse or sexual harassment of young people which is often hushed up. 

Many people lack awareness of sexual harassment as it is an issue that even adults avoid. Young people and children are too fearful or ignorant to put a voice to it.

Episode 13 unravels the secrets of an almost hidden world that is unexplored and one that the public do not want to acknowledge because of the humiliation and shame it brings to the victims and their families.