Friday, 18 August 2017

Criminal Minds Episode 3: Kim Hyun Jun - More Than Just A Profiler



The barricade was already in place. The phalanx of operatives from the Special Forces, the snipers, the local police vehicles, the ambulance vans and the impressive black NCI bus is an indication of the presence of a dangerous crisis.

The Team Leader and Kim Hyun Jun understood what the latter had to do.

To look more like a professional and an expert - a Microchip Technician or Specialist, Kim Hyun Jun sported a pair of black half-rim glasses to downplay his good looks.

Having a SWAT background, he was naturally confident. Wearing a bullet proof vest made him even more confident. He did not want to appear like a fearful, quaking technician who was frightened out of his wits. 

Dr Cho may be mentally unstable but he was still intelligent and logical to understand that it was important to have a confident specialist who could perform a surgery, however minor. 

Who, even in his right mind, wants a technician or a doctor who is ill at ease or shivering in his boots? Those who are not in the know may think that removing a microchip is a simple procedure. It is unlike the removal of a splinter. The specialist needs to be confident; he must have a steady hand.

Like a bona fide government specialist, Kim Hyun Jun assumed a serious but confident demeanour. The criminal looked out hopefully as he strode confidently and purposefully towards the train car.

Once on board, Kim Hyun Jun made eye contact with the hostage taker. His eyes were intense as he gazed intently at him. Having swiftly assessed the situation, his face grew more serious and grim. His hand moved to adjust the tiny microphone which would keep him in contact with the world outside.

Cho Seok Hwan pointed the gun at him on the instructions of his accomplice in black.

Kim Hyun Jun knew that one rule of thumb was he should not be perceived as a threat. He had to behave in a manner that would make the unstable man comfortable.

To ensure that the insane man understood that he was a friend, not an enemy, Kim Hyun Jun raised both his hands with his surgical instruments tool kit, with syringes, scalpel and other instruments in sight. The cool and calm profiler pointed to the kit and confidently assured him that he was there to remove the microchip from his body.

As far as one could see, the agitated man was not entirely mad. He was still in control of his senses as he demanded that the profiler remove his bullet proof vest, an order which was readily complied with.


The patient eagerly held his hand out for the chip to be removed. Kim Hyun Jun shot the man a sidelong glance and tried reading the man’s mind. He was in close contact with a dangerous enemy. He looked at him steadily and then, bent his head to focus on his surgery.

Kim Hyun Jun and Cho Seok Hwan sat on opposite sides of the aisle. The NCI man was sitting in an expansive way with his legs apart and leaning forward to study the lunatic’s hand. His body language conveyed confidence.

With a scalpel in his steady hand, he expertly made a small cut on the man’s outstretched hand. It was gross to watch the blood seep out slowly from the cut. The train cabin fell silent.

With a sleight of hand, Kim Hyun Jun managed to magically produce a microchip from the bleeding wound. Kim Hyun Jun was so adept at conjuring magic out of the thin air that the other man never suspected for a moment that it was a trick.

As expected, the hostage taker exhibited a normal reaction. He was whooping with joy.  The animosity had instantly drained away.

‘See? I was right!’ He was so desperate to prove his sanity. Turning to his psychiatrist, he stressed happily that he had been right all along. His torment seemed to be alleviated for the moment. 

‘Everyone said I was crazy but I was right.’ The line between reality and delusion was blur. 

His psychiatrist, shocked though she may be, tried to appease him with her apology for not trusting him.


Yoo Min Young, alert and vigilant, quickly leapt into action and persuaded Cho Seok Hwan to surrender his gun.

Suddenly, raucous laughter filled the cabin. The other criminal laughed uproariously. Kim Hyun Jun’s trick did not escape his notice. He denounced the profiler as a fraud, a suspicious conman who had deceived them with some party trick. 

He pointed out that microchip specialist was actually a police officer. He claimed to have seen him take out the chip which was hidden between his fingers. The mysterious murderer had finally emerged to declare war.

Cho went haywire and swung his gun at Kim Hyun Jun. The burglar-thief-murderer, having understood that Cho was delusional, tried to take advantage of him. He slyly insinuated that they were both on the same side and in the same boat: they were being watched by the government.

Watching the latest development on their CCTV screen, the Team Leader knew instinctively that it was time for them to act. 

He gave Kim Hyun Jun instructions to get out as fast as he could with his life intact and to leave the problem to the Special Forces.

But Kim Hyun Jun knew that if the Special Forces took over, other lives could be at risk. He was calm and composed. He did not move an inch but his brain was moving fast to think of something to control the damage done. 

He was suddenly reminded that the primary goal in dealing with the delusional patient was to get him on his side. He decided to play along with Cho Seok Hwan’s delusions. He had to appear that he was validating his beliefs. And he also had to beat the murderer, Kang Won Hyung at his game.

To diffuse the escalating problem, he had to break cover. Play the Police Officer for them. In an appeasing tone, he immediately admitted to the unstable man that he was a police officer but he emphasized that the police were not watching him but the other man, a murder-cum-robbery suspect, Kang Won Hyung. It was because of him that the police had stopped the train.

Kim Hyun Jun was dancing to the delusional doctor’s tune. He started calling him ‘Sir’ a term reserved for someone who was esteemed or one’s superior in the police force.

The profiler seemed to have a dramatic flair for spouting lies. It was mind-blowing and interesting to note that Kim Hyun Jun was so quick-witted and creative. He exposed the important details of the murderer's crimes. 

He dramatically wove Dr Cho’s Seok Hwan's delusional belief about his stolen research data into his newly created tale. Emphasizing that the police were in hot pursuit of the murder suspect in order to protect Dr Cho, Kim Hyun Jun accused the murder suspect of boarding the train in order to steal his research data. 

To win the trust of Dr Cho's, he queried the confused man. ‘How would I have known that you have a microchip in your arm?’

Having been exposed as a dangerous criminal, Kang Won Hyun vented his fury on them.

But Kim Hyun Jun was smarter. He shouted out the criminal’s name. ‘Kang Won Hyung!’ 

The criminal, shocked by the turn of events, froze in his tracks.

It was a split-second decision. Kim Hyun Jun used the moment to grab the gun and but the unstable patient struggled with him. He wrestled with the man and the gun dropped.

Kim Hyun Jun grabbed the edge of luggage compartment above, heaved himself up, and swung into action. With a powerful tornado kick aimed at his head, the insane doctor was thrown unconscious to the floor.


The effective, explosive kick also threw the sly criminal off balance.  You can take the operative out of the Special Force, but obviously not the Special Force out of the operative! Kim Hyun Jun was a complete man of action.

And, what was most hilarious was - the tall and tough profiler landed heavily on top of the small and scrawny murderer, perhaps crushing him. That was poetic justice. 

But the profiler did not pull himself off the sprawled body immediately.


The hostages, except for Yoo Min Young, fled. Ha Sun Woo, flushed with anxiety, was at the crime scene within seconds.

The Alpha female’s eyes were almost tearful at first. Was her heart pounding hard? The two women looked worriedly at the prone figure of Kim Hyun Jun.

It was a close-call for him. But, he must have lain there longer than necessary. They thought that he might have been shot.

When he picked himself up, he was not at all flustered. When he rose to his full height, Ha Sun Woo almost choked. He was unscathed. Kim Hyun Jun’s mocking gaze was trained on her.

She stared at him in half-disbelieving fascination for a moment and then quickly left the scene.

Kim Hyun Jun probably thought that he deserved much more recognition than a stare from her. After all, he had a close brush with death. What more, he was more than just a profiler. He was a micro-chip specialist, a crisis negotiator, a martial artist, a hostage saver, a law enforcement officer, a magician and a profiler all rolled into one!

When Dr Cho Seok Hwan was led away, Lee Han and the Team Leader were watching him. It was revealed that the man in black was actually an imaginary person who lived in Dr Cho's hallucinations. 

Lee Han confided that his mother, like Dr Cho, also talked to herself or to someone else who did not exist. They were both delusional.

Worried that mental illness may run in his family, Lee Han confided his fear to Team Leader Kang that one day he might resemble his schizophrenic mother. The Team Leader reassured him that inheriting the illness was only a possibility and he should not worry unnecessarily.

Lee Han quoted Sally Kempton, ‘It is hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head.’ 

It is certainly an uphill drive for people with mental illness to have a normal life as their enemies are either wandering in their head or talking to them.


Lee Joon Gi’s magic trick is interesting. His fans are thrilled that he has learnt new things to inject freshness into the drama.

His impressive tornado kick probably has the audience cheering excitedly. He lifted himself in the compact cabin to give the lightning-swift and effective roundhouse kick.

He has used his eyes to perfection. And, the audience love his sense of humour.


Ruminate on this. The episode also makes us think about the insertion of microchips in the body, which is a reality today.

Doctors are divided in their opinion about the actual cause of mental illness – hereditary, shock from trauma, etc.

Is there another possibility that mental illness can be caused by the sinister use of microchips? Can microchips be used to torture people?